we reimagined business data
We are the full stack software development company specializes in consulting and developing AI&ML custom solutions

Customview˚ consulting helps clients in reimagining their existing IT infrastructure by integrating AI-based technologies, which leads to enhanced workflows and higher profitability for the clients.
We believe that only genuine innovation in product and process, powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, can have the radical impact necessary for a business to create truly effective and innovative solution.
AI optimisation and services for Electric Vehicle industry
For Charging Stations
AI forecast and predictive analysis of demand, consumption, based on the retrospective and time series
Anticipating resource utilisation at electric charging stations.

Anticipating electricity demand and consumption within the network and its components.

Forecasting equipment malfunctions / Charging disruptions / General failures and anomalies.

Revenue projections for charging station and supporting businesses

Logistics optimisation.

Comprehensive analysis of future charging stations' efficiency and installation site recommendations, considering various factors and criteria.

Smart recommendation system for related businesses based on AI and the needs of existing or future clients.
    For Customers Services
    Using AI technologies to create a unique customer service
    A personal digital assistant equipped with a human language-based interface and powered by advanced AI technology revolutionises the landscape of customer service, bridging the gap between consumer and service provider. This kind of digital personal assistant offers a wide array of capabilities, including:

    Comprehensive User Profiling: It possesses an in-depth understanding of its user, encompassing their preferences, logistical needs, daily routines, and more.

    Optimal Route Guidance: It can provide tailored route recommendations, factoring in the user's choice of vehicle and the availability of charging stations on the map.

    Establishment of User-Friendly Ecosystems: It actively contributes to fostering harmonious interactions within the human-machine-electrical infrastructure interface, ensuring seamless operations.

    Shopping assistance at the charging station:: It assists users in making informed decisions when selecting products or services at charging stations, enhancing their overall user experience and brand connections.

    Personalised Offerings: It continually presents innovative options to the user, aligning these choices with their preferences and the evolving charging infrastructure.

    "A team is not a group of people who work together, but a group of people who achieve outstanding results together." - Andrew Carnegie
    Success stories
    Highlights from 2015 to 2022, success stories of the aiCustomview˚ team we are proud of.

    *Not all projects are presented here, most of them, alas, are under NDA.
    Too bad, but that's part of the job.
    ASQ Winner Airport 2012-2021

    Airport IT infrastructure consulting
    Resource management system concept development, solution adaptation and implementation.
    Best Airline in Eastern Europe.

    Airline digital transformation and consulting.
    Creation and implementation of the Airline operating platform.
    Amadeus IT Group

    Consulting and implementation of new business models for the travel industry based on predictive analysis.

    LightAutoML creation, an independent machine learning framework that significantly reduces operational costs and automates 90% of the work.

    We created one of the widest recommender platform in the world.
    First Recommendation System constructor for the big data in the world.

    Participation and victory in kaggle competitions in 2020-2022
    Meet Our Team
    The smartest people work every day to provide the best service and make our clients happy
    • Ilya Davydenko
      CEO & Business Development
      As a business leader, Ilya brings a proven track record of success in software development and machine learning. With a keen eye for new technologies, He is adept at managing the intersection of business needs, creative markets, and cutting-edge innovations.

      Ilya is a driven and intelligent professional with 23 years of experience, committed to delivering the highest level of service to his clients.
    • Sergey Kozlov
      Head of AM/ML Research and Development
      Sergey is experienced professional in IT, consulting and AI/ML.
      Managing Director of the AI Laboratory. Proven specialist in digital transformation of the aviation industry.

      PhD in Computer Science.
      Associate Professor at the Physics University.
      Member of the International Online Academy of Transport.
    • Anastasia Makhno
      Head of Customer Relationship
      Anastasia serves as the brand ambassador for our company, tirelessly dedicating hours to ensuring our clients feel valued and delighted with our services. Should you have any suggestions or feedback, please do not hesitate to reach out to her.

      With her intelligence, creativity, and wealth of experience, Anastasia possesses the skills necessary to elevate customer communication and take the overall customer experience to new heights.
    Our team comprises 23 top-notch professionals specializing in consulting and developing cutting-edge AI&ML solutions.
    Among us are the creators and certified developers of the Lama framework and the RePlay platform, a Grandmaster of Kaggle, skilled NLP developers, and a team of adept IT and business analysts.

    With our extensive experience and access to a pool of skilled freelancers, we can quickly scale our team up to 75 people to tackle even the most complex and sizable projects. This flexible approach enables us to provide solutions of any scope and difficulty level, ensuring that we can meet our clients' needs and exceed their expectations.